Utah singles events

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There are many local singles events happening. How To Join We send out an email twice each week to notify everyone of the upcoming Thursday activity. Check the Special Events tab or the Thursday Activity tab to get the exact location. In a church focused on families, the Logan singles bring extra attention and fun for those outside of the typical parameters. From pickle ball to the pie face game, we are always ready for a fun and uplifting time. We give our singles group activities variety in order to find something for everyone. Who Is Involved Our program is designed for mature single adults age 45 and up.

Utah singles events

There are many Logan singles looking for friends and activities. There will be workshops, games, dancing, refreshments and a keynote speaker, Michael Dunn! The address is Foxtrail Drive, in Lehi. Are you a foodie? Have you been hesitant to go to the temple alone? Check the Special Events tab or the Thursday Activity tab to get the exact location. The Logan singles are always looking for more ways to have fun together and to enrich each other. There are big scale and small scale activities for singles to choose from. Sometimes it means that you might need even more support and guidance from our Savior. In order to attend, all divorces must be final. Stereotypes have placed LDS singles over 60 in a class that is less adventurous, active, and social. We attempt to provide a program that encourages friendships as well as a place for healing and peace through the activities that enrich our minds and inspire our souls. Feel the flood of the love the Savior has for you with these singles activities. The friendships and acquaintances made here ensure that needs are met through each other. The Xmission singles calendar mostly lists events down south. Mission Statement It is our intent to provide another family for adults over 45 who find themselves single for whatever reason. That is why the Logan Utah singles group is so important. What We Do We meet every Thursday almost throughout the entire year. Your circle of friends will greatly influence your thinking and behavior, just as you will theirs. Our mailing list currently has just under names. Whether this is done through games, movies, conferences, firesides, or dinner, they have created a wonderful sanctuary from the craziness of the world. Much of this comes from the wonderful friendships that can be made during singles activities. Women have fewer options for meeting good men, and men have a hard time finding friends in their same single situation. Many of these activities focus on a spiritual element while others are social, physical or service oriented. There are so many great options and activities for singles.

Utah singles events

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