Trucker cupid

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Do you feel that having written a book about your experiences with a tractor-trailer driving school which you attended, qualifies you as an authority on the conditions women face in OTR driver training situations? What is your vision for women within the trucking industry? Feel free to contact Marge Bailey to discuss your concerns. We all want them to shut down. The remarks about not being able to find a Woman who was willing to discuss the CRST Sex harassment case were also false and the vague accountability of the dating site www. If you could change only two things in the trucking industry, what would they be? The email exchange to get permission for publication of the questions was the following: Would you support an industry wide standardized driver training curriculum? It was about leadership.

Trucker cupid

I have never said that my experience at truck driving school qualifies me for anything other than understanding what it is like to attend driver training academy. They never gave me a hard time again. Please note the privacy policy under my signature regarding my responses. Do you believe that CRST has the freedom to join an association whose mission they support? First, I have never been advised by any legal counsel to not appear on a radio program. I endured a great deal of harassment when I worked in the steel fabricating plant to supervise the loading at the dock. As far as a director having a recruiting site, it is only one of many recruiting sites that are members of the association. There was NO complaint from a driver involved in this compliance, it was an action agreed upon by both groups to reach mutual goals. I was offered everything from drugs to dates with professional ball players. If you go back and read the entire article about leading from a position of strength, it should be clearer. Here is my biography: I worked with drivers at numerous Schneider facilities during my role there and I spent countless hours talking to drivers. At what point did you become concerned with women being able to attain high-profile positions of power in the boardrooms of the trucking industry? Why is this still an issue? Do you personally know of any woman who was harassed at CRST who had suffered because of a lack of concern on the part of the carrier? I am a certified association executive. Our board members are volunteers who represent various companies. There are women in trucking who do not drive. In , new sex assault allegations were filed against CRST. I have spent my entire career in this industry. We built the dating site for truckers to be simple and easy to use on the go to save you time and money. I have never labeled them as gold diggers, ever. The board is the governing body and includes a professional driver, industry executives, etc. In the original posting to this site which was had to be split into 3 individual posts due to its length there were nearly comments in total to the remarks made by Ellen Voie. Voie to conceal criticism of her conduct, a second email was delivered to receive implicit permission to publish the questions on this site.

Trucker cupid

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  1. I will make the questions you answered public. It has become common knowledge that it was your organization that removed or deleted evidence of misconduct.

  2. Are you aware of the letters sent to every female driver at CRST that told them they might have money due them IF they could provide support for the harassment case?

  3. I never hired anyone or asked anyone to investigate anyone. If you are concerned that there are driver mills out there, so am I.

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