Spoiled quiz

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Growing up, your parents rarely punished you. You don't know how to cook. You usually end up getting what you want, no matter what. I would say I am a little spoiled but there are limits put in place. Or maybe we do not want them to be too behind their friends. Submit Answers Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! You take them to every football or basketball game they request.

Spoiled quiz

You're parents used their money to get you the food so you have to appreciate every bite. You get bored if no one is around to entertain you. Your parents pay at least part of your credit card bill. If it's time for you to talk, you don't hesitate to interrupt a conversation. Also, i don't even know a person that doesn't own a laptop. Instead you got a pair of socks. You don't know how to cook. Inexpensive gifts seriously disappoint you. Moan a little but don't mind to much because they're only little and it means a lot to them, Yell your head off and beat up your sister and put it up yourself. It's Christmas eve and you're decorating the tree but you're silly sister wants to put the star on top. Don't moan but you don't eat much either. Nothing too extreme though. When you get something new and shiny, it makes you happy for only a few minutes. You are very jealous when someone has something that you want. Baaaah days ago This quiz is not that good. You were given many presents as a kid. Growing up, your parents rarely punished you. Try to fix it yourself. Check the statements below that are true about you or that you agree with. You know that you can always bend the rules if you want to. If not, ask your parents to help. But if spoiling the kids really is something that has been gnawing away at your mind for a while now, then this 60 second test is perfect for you, whether you are still a new parent or are the well-conditioned parent to a growing toddler or two. Well At least I'm not a spoiled brat. Your disappointed but you smile kindly and thank your parents and write a thankyou note to Santa. You drive a new car less than two years old.

Spoiled quiz

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  1. Just congratulate anyone who did win. You always have the cookie jars in the kitchen stocked to the brim.

  2. You didn't have a job during high school. If you don't get your way, you're very difficult to deal with.

  3. They could do chores and get hundreds of dollars for it, or ask and get the money, but only ask for 20 dollars. So the test was accurate.

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