Seducing a gemini woman

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Gemini love recognition for the little things. So instead of looking to connect with your Gemini lover through sexual computability or emotional intimacy, try to offer them intellectual companionship. She may be toying with you long enough to size you up and see if you are really for her. Whatever you do, do in an inimitable style. Gemini lovers are quite partial to fantasizing about virtual sex where they can take on multiple and varied persona and engage in sexual orgies. Adventurous — this woman needs excitement every day. If Gemini doesn't have a car, hint at sharing a cab. Find out what she likes and do things for her that she does not expect to win her heart.

Seducing a gemini woman

To seduce her you need to think outside of the box. The man who will catch her attention needs to be adventurous in every aspect of life — work, fun, love — everything. The Gemini woman is vibrant and exciting but easily bored. At times, you may find this characteristic in the Gemini male too. She needs to WANT to get to know you. The game of chase or hide and seek are games she loves to play with potential suitors. Sex will never be boring with a Gemini woman, and instead of having to figure out how to seduce her, she will typically reveal her sexual desires. Secondly, let her uncover your soul. In fact, once a Gemini woman finds a man who can satisfy her intellectual and sexual desires, she will most likely be the one to suggest that you stop merely dating and start being an actual couple. If the weather is bad maybe suggest a movie and pizza at home. Dating a Gemini woman is a challenging experience, but their sexual energy, high level of intelligence and capacity to forge a deep bond of love makes them well worth the effort. Make her laugh — the Gemini woman is full of life and energy. Gemini love recognition for the little things. The best part about this is that neither do they expect it of a partner. On the downside, the Gemini woman can be manipulative, possessive and fickle in love. Her impulsive nature will applaud yours and make her feel understood. This gives her something new to share with you and something new to learn. Successful — she feels attracted to a man who knows where he is going and is focused on his work and life. Here is the perfect opportunity for a little tit for tat. Be cautious of hurting a Gemini, however, for they are often more sensitive than they appear, and they will leave love behind quickly if they sense that their partner is not worthy of their trust. Sexual innuendos and pillow talk are some of the best ways to turn on a Gemini lover. She is forever curious and learning. Yet another important point about Gemini lovers is their inability to make an emotional connection. Also on this date, find ways to compliment her. She probably has multiple interests but none will hold her attention for very long.

Seducing a gemini woman

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  1. Successful — she feels attracted to a man who knows where he is going and is focused on his work and life.

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