Religion personality quiz

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Both in two separate contexts. Created about 15 billion years ago. Other than weddings and similar social events, how many times in the last year have you attended religious services? Animal or no animal. Evolution is basically a true theory and it discredits much of traditional religious doctrine. If you accepted Jesus, lived a righteous life and lived up to the ordinances, you go to kingdoms of glory.

Religion personality quiz

Evolution is compelling evidence that humans evolved naturally, without the intervention of a supernatural force. The universe has many deaths and rebirths. Which comes closest to your beliefs about religious faith? Souls have karma attached to them. I believe prayer connects us to God and is essential to finding spiritual peace and salvation. As such, I have no use for religious faith. When they hit puberty. Spread the word of God globally. However, if necessary, it is alright. Women should be obedient to their husbands and husbands should respect their wives. There could be a heaven and hell but it's not for sure. Both in two separate contexts. Ah, I don't know. Other know that a God exists or a God does not exist? Your morals come from A teacher or parent. No religious text concerning sex. We would all be god's children equally. Homosexual is part of nature but, no oral sex. Which comes closest to your views with respect to organized religion? Fondling and oral sex is ok but only leading up to intercourse Oral sex is impure and no pornography. You take spirit form and plan for your next life. Unless you are gay. I'm not really sure. Any animal that has not been killed during ritual or swine. Find out which religion best suits your views. There's nothing wrong with it! Must get to be coherent and cohesive and maintained.

Religion personality quiz

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  1. There's the father, son and holy spirit. Souls will go to God, can go to paradise if your intentions and deeds were good.

  2. Fight back if it is in the name of God. It's not a sin to be gay, but it's not necessarily the best thing.

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