Oxford dam nc history

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Watson and associates were named to inaugurate a through service between Hickory and Lenoir, using automobiles and the motor boat to get passengers to and from both places. The rain caused severe flooding on the Catawba River. Mills along the waterways throughout the Catawba basin were destroyed and many dams were destroyed or damaged. Two passenger trains were stranded in Marion. Duke Energy couldn't open it anymore. According to Duke's Emergency Action Plan the condition meant a "potentially hazardous situation is developing - there is no failure. The water table was raised to a dangerous level.

Oxford dam nc history

Both were accompanied by unusual rainfall across the southeastern United States. Oxford Dam was going to have to opened wider to handle the water still coming downstream. The three-day rain made the downpour of a few days seem like a drizzle. I miscalculated the power of the water, and was washed below the limb; so Teddy started farther up the stream and made it to the limb all right. During July 8, 9, and 10 of , a large hurricane swept northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico and passed directly along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Two passenger trains were stranded in Marion. Scores of miles of tracks were washed away and bridges gone. Lake Hickory was named after the City of Hickory and runs along its northern edge. Lipe had succeeded in helping his two daughters to a tree in which they had clung for 14 hours before being rescued. If so, why was the flood warning so late in coming out? The water began receding late Sunday afternoon; and the decline was rapid. The Justices comprising the County Court fixed the rates that a ferryman could charge, from two pence for a man or single animal to one shilling for wagon and team. It is what one would expect from the people who have made the Piedmont country the marvel of the industrial South. The Hickory Electric Company's telephone wires were up only as far as Shelby. Hickory was cut off from outside communication for about thirty-six hours after the waters receded. In July, of , after several days and nights of continuous downpouring rain, in cloudburst proportions, the Catawba and Yadkin rivers, and all of the contributary streams, rose to such heights that the phenomenon is remembered as the " Flood. D'Anna and George Lyerly to operate on the lake at Granite Falls, had it transferred to the Catawba river for use in ferrying passengers across the river above the Rhodhiss dam. Everybody was appalled at the great amount of damage wrought by the flood,. Swollen rivers and freshets flowing down from the mountains carried with them dangerous refuse and the possibility of typhus and other diseases. The water thundered through a tract of timber and what trees were not uprooted as grass, were cut as with a scythe Both dams at Patterson were destroyed. His grant was , dated 11 Oct The waves swept far beyond the channel cut and in fact almost reached the Gantt dwelling far upon the hill. Eighteen freight cars had been run onto the trestle, but when it was seen they could not possibly hold the bridge down, they were run back. In this case, forecasters told WBTV the information was slow in coming. Swithin's Day, July 15, those who experienced the ordeal are likely to say to one another:

Oxford dam nc history

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