Noisy upstairs neighbors revenge

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The landlord has been unwilling to do anything thus far, but maybe if he learns that he has a legal obligation to do something, it might get some action. I would really lean on the landlord at this point, but as others have pointed out, you've pretty much left it too long. You talked about sending them noise regulations -- why don't you call the police and keep calling until those regulations are enforced? White noise CDs can help, especially at night. It doesn't sound like the poster is being unreasonable at all. The landlord doesn't care so long as he's getting paid so make it clear that you are moving because of the noise. Maybe they just need a little taste of their own medicine AKA, more people are being deviously amused this cold season. End of problem You neighbors, however, have already had the problem pointed out in a much more mature fashion than mine.

Noisy upstairs neighbors revenge

It's good for your neighbors to understand your value to them - so while you may value your privacy, in some things you should be slightly more forthcoming. You may not be able to do anything about the amount of noise being made upstairs. I say check your lease, check the local laws, send certified letters informing the landlord of the noise issues you'll want proof that you've notified the landlord and of your desired outcome and stay put. Did you just make an awesome mix tape for your brother's birthday? Either they are making a reasonable amount of noise and will not let you bully them, or they are assholes and will continue to be assholes. Even if you are moving. If they don't respond to the words of their own letter in this regard, then make with the techno on repeat while you're at work. So it isn't as if you've lived with quiet upstairs neighbors. It's not like they've been blasting loud rock music at all hours. L go up to the L unit with L Jr. This suggests a state of heightened awareness in which noises will seem much, much louder than they really are. The guy living beside me liked to watch action movies at high volumes, but it never really bothered me because he always turned them down or off by It's like they were saying "hey, when you use the toilet it floods our bathroom, could you maybe pee less? But that reminds me, actually--the way those neighbors and their downstairs flooding victims solved the problem was by getting together and showing each other what was going on, and then they all went to the landlord. If you are that sensitive to noise you should have never moved into an apartment with another apartment above it, and you should have moved out long ago. I'm sure you wouldn't want another tenant to go through what you have experienced, and a vacant apartment might concentrate the owner's mind somewhat. But you can do something about how you hear it. Having said all of the above, the Leadfoots do seem like unreasonable smug twits so I'd be very tempted to go tit for tat for the whatever many weeks you remain living there. So far this balancing act has worked well for us. They should be aware that the building doesn't have great soundproofing, and at least they could write a minimum floor covering clause into the lease. One of the attractions of my house is the hardwood floors which are easy to clean, look good, provide good traction, are environmental friendly, don't trap whatever it is that aggravates my wife's alergeries and are easy to clean ya that's in there twice. If she had wanted to, she really could have made sure that he never worked again. So my father gives up on the whole thing. Netizen comments include, "Wow, there are weird devices such as this that exist? I can't say the people downstairs were as considerate as we were, though. The landlord is obviously a pushover, take advantage of it. The landlord has not assisted you in making the space livable.

Noisy upstairs neighbors revenge

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  1. Don't do anything or make any noise that they could potentially use against you, since they have already shown that they are not afraid to take the initiative in bringing in outside authorities.

  2. I've always thought that when you move into an apartment building you sign a sort of unwritten social contract; you have to expect a certain level of noise, and you should be able to make a certain amount of noise, but be reasonable. OP this sounds like hell and it is good you are moving out.

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