Naked austrian men

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For anyone unsure of what to expect or how to behave, here are some pointers. Saunas are about relaxing and Austrians consider them a holistic treatment which benefit the body and mind - especially after a long day hiking or skiing. Take yourself and your love off to a thermal bath and treat yourself to a facial or massage. The Therme Wien has a range of Valentine's day packages on offer. Do clap when the sauna attendant has finished.

Naked austrian men

Remember to drink plenty of water after your sauna session but not during and avoid alcohol. Many Austrians tend to be rather cultured. D is for dinner. L is for literature. No one wants to sit in a pool of your sweat. And spa culture is big here. Ideally followed by a romantic dinner. Plus, there still isn't a general smoking ban in restaurants and cafes. Most Austrians learn how to do this at school. When you go into the sauna room itself, you must open and close the door quickly. K is for Konditerei. If you feel very unwell and think you might faint because of the heat, please leave the sauna as soon as you can. It will give you the illusion that you're doing something naughty and forbidden, as if you're having an affair. Z is for ZZZZ. Read up on some of the Austrian literary greats to impress your date. Cut your losses and move on. E is for early. You will be banned from the spa if you are caught in the act. Even if you don't have tickets to a Viennese ball, get into ballroom dancing during a private waltz dance lesson in a Viennese palace. Vomiting or passing out on the naked person next to you is a no no. X is for x-rated. Austrians are famed for their sweet tooth and fabulous cakes and pastries. Remember to remove any metal jewellery before you go in the sauna, as it could get very hot and burn your skin. F is for flesh. Winters are cold in Austria, and women tend not to reveal too much flesh on a date.

Naked austrian men

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