Mole on vagina

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I also need to be examined inside and out to see if there are any other type of moles growing. Basically, the mole that was on the top right fatty side of my vulva, less than an inch from my urethra and clitoris, had cells that are as close to being cancerous as you can get without being cancer. This is not true. CT scan or MRI of the pelvis to look for cancer spread Pelvic examination to look for any skin changes Colposcopy Treatment Treatment involves surgery to remove the cancer cells. Signs and symptoms of vulvar cancers and pre-cancers.

Mole on vagina

I would keep an eye on it, and if you notice any changes at all, get it checked out. The vaccine is approved to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts. But a woman's outcome depends on: If it was anywhere else I wouldn't bother, but should I get it checked out by a doctor because of the weird area it's in? This way you can kill two birds with one stone and the cost of one visit, since they're not going to charge you extra for looking at a mole. I also need to be examined inside and out to see if there are any other type of moles growing. Still, if you have these symptoms, you should have them checked by a doctor or nurse. Cancers of the cervix, vulva, and vagina. Melanoma is easy to treat in early stages and difficult to treat in late stages, and quite deadly. We want to hear your story. I have no idea if there are nasty cells still under my skin trying to attack me. Sharing with others who have common experiences and problems can help you not feel alone. However, the size of a pencil eraser seems pretty big to me. But do it one way or the other. I have a round, dark brown spot on the outside of one of my labia minora that I noticed a few weeks ago. Possible Complications Spread of the cancer to other areas of the body Side effects of radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy When to Contact a Medical Professional Call your health care provider if you have any of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks: Make if fun with a partner or formal with a dermatologist if necessary. The most important sign of melanoma is a change in size, shape, or color of a mole. It is often thicker and lighter than the normal skin around it. Vulvar melanoma Patients with vulvar melanoma can have many of the same symptoms as other vulvar cancers, such as: The personal stories I read about these skin cancers are ones that seem to be found on the face or upper body or occasionally the legs. Because these changes are often caused by other conditions that are not pre-cancerous, some women don't realize that they might have a serious condition. Do yourself a favor and check. It hasn't changed or gotten bigger in the weeks since I've noticed it. It's wise to get it checked out along with all your other moles, but if you can't afford a dermatologist visit right now, keep written notes of the approximate shape, size, color, and location of all your moles, in case they change at some point in the future. I highly doubt it's an STI - since I've had sex three times in my entire life, every time with a condom.

Mole on vagina

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