Kissing peck

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Kiss on the ears: The Muah Kiss This is a spoken kiss. It can also be appropriate for first kisses between new couples, if one party is unsure of how the other feels. Let your eyelashes have some fun, too. Kiss on the lips: Additionally, it expresses trust on the part of the giver. This kiss serves as an indication of deep love. Vacuum Kiss While kissing with open mouths, suck in your partner's breath.

Kissing peck

The hand kiss demonstrates respect, adoration and kindness. It also involves light biting and sucking. Erase those associations from your mind. Ears are highly sensitive to the touch of lips, tongue, and breath. Hot and Cold Kiss Lick your partner's lips. This kiss is useful if you want to pass a romantic message to your partner. Sip Kiss Take a little sip of your favorite drink and leave some on your lips. You can choose to stay kissing on the wrist, or move up towards the arm and shoulder, or down towards the fingers. Kiss your lover right in the middle and tell their fortune. Make your lips kissable If your lips feel dry or chapped, now's the time to get out the lip balm. Kisses are subject to a wide variety of circumstances, but certain types of kisses imply different things: This is fun for the imaginative couple. Palm of the Hand Kiss Most people give all the love to the back of the hand or the fingers, but the palm is a nice place to kiss too. A light sucking and a brush with your lips is just right. Or a peck right before bed. They're going to love it. Plus, it gives your sweetie something to hang up on their wall, or to touch and remember you by if you're not there with them. Then gently suck their cheek—gently! Lean in and, instead of planting a kiss on they lips, nibble away at the skin around their mouth, both upper and lower lips. It can also be appropriate for first kisses between new couples, if one party is unsure of how the other feels. Depending on how it is planted, it can also be used as a means of showing deep affection to a loved one. This kiss is imbued with the energy of play and mischief. Listen and make eye contact. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa. Don't be afraid to reach up and caress the back of your partner's head. If you are sitting next to one another, let your thighs touch. Experiment with different techniques that work for you.

Kissing peck

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  1. Brush them against your partner's cheek, as if you're searching for the perfect place to kiss. You like them and want to hold them close, but they haven't given you that "look" yet.

  2. Put a berry or piece of fruit in your mouth. Then, when they come back for another, do it again.

  3. These kisses are just what they seem - a little angry with a dash of "I'm sorry. Adventure Kiss Try to kiss your sweetie from inside a moving vehicle!

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