Intuition or sensing

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Also, as discussed in our main theoretical article , there are other theories sharing these type acronyms, many of which are based on concepts defined by Carl Jung in the beginning of the 20th century. Intuitives sometimes need time to ponder before they take action, but their penchant for reflection gives them an unrestrained imagination which comes in handy when innovation is required. When all is said and done, Intuitive types believe in novelty, in the open mind, and in never-ending improvement. These traits determine communication style as well — Intuitive individuals talk about ideas and have no difficulties with allusions or reading between the lines, while Observant types focus on clarity, facts and practical matters. Often they deal in things below the surface, striving to understand existence and the meaning of life. In the meantime, here are a few facts to help you understand sensing vs intuition.

Intuition or sensing

Change is not as frightening to them. Possibilities incompass lofty dreams and goals that seem unrealistic. It quickly became clear that the Intuitive types would be much more willing to give up the convenience, comfort and predictability of the modern age in return for excitement brought by exploration, distant civilizations, and undiscovered mysteries of the New World. Observant types are also significantly better at focusing on just one thing at a time instead of bursting with energy and juggling multiple activities. Their creativity solves many problems that sensing individuals solve with equations and facts. Complicated Sometimes the intuitive can be complicated. If you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch something, then it is a fact. With this, they can recount information that can be important to them or others. Their ability to spot trends early on also makes them highly valuable in certain industries where keeping up with the cutting edge is essential. They may observe other people and events, but their mind remains directed both inwards and somewhere beyond — always questioning, wondering and making connections. They are acutely aware of their surroundings thanks, in part, to their mental orientation in the present moment. This governs a basic operation you use from day to day to navigate and solve problems. View Larger Image There are two ways to look at any given situation or task: Details Those who operate using sensing pay close attention to details. They play with ideas and give these ideas strength to come to fruition, dedicated to creative actions. Faith helps to solidify ideas so that the intuitive can continue to create. Both sets of assumptions can be quite damaging and it takes a mature person to get past them — but statements like these are fairly common. This scale is one of the most important differences between them and our model. So maybe when you meet new people, you can decipher which side of the brain they use the most. They provide either an S for sensing or N for intuition in the 4-character abbreviations for each Myers-Briggs personality type. One could even say that these individuals never actually feel as if they truly belong to this world. Instead of concrete details, the intricacies of emotions and motivations feed the intuition. Within this test lies two basic psychological preferences called sensing vs intuition. Focus on the future Intuitives have high hopes for the future, and they base their actions in preparations for days ahead. It may seem like your decisions are the most important, but a decision is only as good as the understanding that backs it up. Have you taken a personality test lately? Here are the Myers-Briggs personalities profiles for sensing.

Intuition or sensing

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