Honduran men and relationships

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Throughout the history of Honduras, religion has played a fundamental role in Honduran culture. Generally parents will be stricter with the girls. In Russia, if a man peels a banana and gives it to a woman, it is a sign of romantic interest, while in the Western culture that would just be a kind gesture. Girls stay at home helping their mothers and waiting for a husband. That is basically it. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Honduran men and relationships

These years are the best stage of life. Oftentimes religion becomes more of a routine because of family tradition and the monotony of doing the same thing every week. Girls stay at home helping their mothers and waiting for a husband. The dating rules in the Western Hemisphere are different from those in the Eastern Hemisphere. Since our independence back in to the early s, Catholicism was the main and only religion in our country. Since they do not study, they get married very young. Religious groups also contribute to the society by helping the poor, children with disabilities, or homeless people. But let it all be at the proper time. As teenagers, we have so many things to enjoy before having a serious relationship with someone. But this doesn't only happen with non-American guys. Although it might not be the case for every single family, this is how religion works in Honduras: Parents are like our guidelines. We are taught to be as successful as they are and to accomplish even higher goals than theirs, and in most areas of our lives our parents have a valuable influence. One of the questions in our survey was: This is seen at Sunday services where in most churches, no matter the denomination, a high percentage, if not all, of people in the congregation are women and children. However, most of the teenagers attend these groups with purposes other than growing spiritually or for developing a closer relationship with God. Some would rather teach their kids how the coffee business is managed than letting them go out. This can happen with anyone guy. The things I saw was he was always on his phone and his mind was miles away from me. People no longer trust in politicians or in the authorities. However, this has been changing over the last hundred years with continually increasing religious groups such as Protestants, Muslims, Jews and some others. Family Honduran families are focused on nuclear family. For example, if a girl is dating somebody when she is not allowed to and her parents find out, she could get in big trouble with them. Both are accepted in the culture. Girls do not really have good communication with their parents and that is the main cause of some problems. In the small villages, if a guy wants to date a girl, he must always see her at her house when both of her parents are present.

Honduran men and relationships

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  1. Some would rather teach their kids how the coffee business is managed than letting them go out.

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