Embracing being alone

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Read one book on personal finance, one chapter at a time. If you enjoy being alone, you'll feel more confident in your actual ability to be alone. Then, as I left the restaurant alone, I heard a little girl ask her mom if I was a princess. Once you're alone, the only person's happiness you have to be concerned with is your own. And this is especially true of the love present in a healthy relationship.

Embracing being alone

Once you're alone, the only person's happiness you have to be concerned with is your own. Perhaps all of us do at some point or another. Acknowledging this addiction is the first step to healing it. We have to keep others happy, make them laugh, read their emotions, etc. So begin again right now by just breathing, alone, and noticing with curiosity, and without judgment, all of the little ways you can simply BE in your own skin, right here, right now, in this present moment we call life. We get anxious about traveling alone to strange places, and being lost without anyone to hold our hand. We love looking to other people for advice on our next move. This is because the time you spend alone, gives you a greater appreciation for yourself and others. This can become extremely draining depending on who the relationship is with. In fact, many of us will go to great lengths to avoid the feeling of being alone in an undistracted environment. You can do things that rely on very little external influence — reading, writing, walking in the woods, playing guitar, singing in the shower, dancing in your bedroom, learning something new, etc. Being surrounded by other people drains us of our energy. Here are ten amazing thing that will happen once you start to embrace being alone: It can be mentally exhausting to be constantly connected with others. One of the hardest challenges we face is to simply live in our own skin — to just be right here, right now, regardless of where we are. Being along gives you the freedom to do what you truly want to do. If you're able to spend time alone on a regular basis, you'll eventually begin to enjoy it. Usually, the things you want most, are not always what the group wants. You get more time to reflect. You'll get a better idea of what makes you sad, what upsets you, and what makes you happy. Your relationships grow stronger, with less codependency and entitlement. Too often we needlessly distract ourselves with anything and everything: Click HERE to learn how to quickly activate your body's natural relaxation response! What I am saying, is that once you learn to enjoy your alone time, you'll be begin to grow as a person. Which in turn, will naturally make you more independent. You don't have to process the thoughts and feelings of others and it gives you time to focus inwards.

Embracing being alone

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