Cuba for singles

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Naturally, the vibrant and fabulous city of Havana will be on the itinerary of your trip. Please don't book a flight before Fidel Castro and the political climate seemingly have no influence on the population who remain relaxed. Day 4 — Breakfast is served before our journey to Varadero by air-conditioned transport. Country information Cuba single tours Travelling alone, but together, that is the 'single tour' concept. We hope you had a great time! The Journey was revitalized in early to include the latest technology and updated decor.

Cuba for singles

Flight times — Depart London Gatwick at An adjoining tower also offers spectacular panoramic views of the whole town. Fields with tall palm trees and extensive tobacco plantations are part of its lush landscapes. Country information Cuba single tours Travelling alone, but together, that is the 'single tour' concept. Discover Santiago's colonial slave trade roots. Afterward, relax over lunch at a local restaurant. The National Capitol Building is an iconic s landmark. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language. Explore a country steeped in a tapestry of rich history not to mention a country on the brink of change, with these top must sees attractions: Castillo De La Real Fuerza Known as one of the oldest existing forts in the Americas, this sixteenth century fort is a great sample of military architecture during the Spanish control over the Caribbean. Some of the attractions we will see are: Cruise Day Day 8: Shoestring and third parties use cookies and other techniques to analyze the website, make it more user-friendly, offer social media and show relevant offers on and off the website. Next we visit the famous Cueva del Indio, an ancient rock structure with stalactites and stalagmites. Then, relax over a traditional lunch at a local restaurant. Time for the famous Best Single Travel jewelry making session plus our farewell dinner. The dry season runs from November to April and is the most popular time to visit Cuba. Though be sure to cover up if you are heading to any religious sites or away from touristy areas, off the beaten track. See the potters at work in a beautiful open-air space. Due to the hot humidity, dress in Cuba is rather informal, and wearing shorts or skirts is not frowned upon. Cave paintings and archaeological finds belonging to pre-Columbian Cuban cultures were found inside. But this is a people-to-people day, too: Fidel Castro and the political climate seemingly have no influence on the population who remain relaxed. Enjoy a cocktail in the shade of a palm tree in the peaceful Baracoa. During June to November the Caribbean is affected by an annual hurricane season, with September and October suffering from the highest number of hurricanes. Then a tobacco sorting place where only ladies classify the leaves according to the size and the quality, besides the fermentation, drying process and packing.

Cuba for singles

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  1. Located outdoors in a vibrant forest with large majestic trees, gives the theater its cool tropical feeling.

  2. February 15 Spend the day sailing in style aboard our boutique cruise ship. The ship also offers entertainment options such as live music, their famous white night party and casino games, as well as a spa and fitness center.

  3. Some of the attractions we will see are: February 19 Our last day at sea together after three interesting ports.

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