Crazy baby mama quotes

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It could be her mother, brother, friend or co-worker, and he gets tense. Alright, now here is some advice for both of us Just remember that I hold no ill feelings towards you, nor do I wish to sabotage your relationship with my son or his father, everyone deserves to be happy! How often do children have matters that require strict confidentiality? As if you don't know that already. OK those are the basics, now here are some boundaries from woman to woman: He plays by her rules.

Crazy baby mama quotes

Alright, now here is some advice for both of us He tells you she talks smack about you and calls you names and he doesn't know how she'll act. It's important to be respectful of boundaries and keep an open mind because it's not always going to be easy! Discipline and other aspects of parenting are for, yes, the parents to take care of. And there are some moments they want share with each other: Please do not put him in a tough position by telling him he can no longer communicate with me just because you are jealous. Like I said, it is going to be a big adjustment for everyone involved! I went from being the only woman in his life to having to share him with another, please be patient with me! The most important thing is the child, and everyone needs to do what they can to make sure the child stays happy. If his BM is playing boss lady, there's a lack of healthy balance. He just wants peace and he doesn't want you to have to deal with her bull The last thing any of us want is to complicate his life or have our sometimes inevitable negative emotions rub off on him. Please do not try to drive a wedge between my son and I. That's definitely a red flag. All that I ask is you respect boundaries and not hold any resentment towards my son and most importantly, have fun! You don't get to say when they date, who they date or how often they can go out. I may secretly resent you at times, but it isn't for the reason you may be thinking. He plays by her rules. This one kind of goes along with 2; his father and I have a child together and we may see each other but you do not have to worry about us hooking up or reigniting the old flame, we are not together for a reason. He goes to sporting events, performances or to visit his child in the hospital but you can't go. If she's calling every time the child draws a picture or he has to rush over for every scrape, cut and whimper, there's a problem. If she can't accept that you're part of his life, let her smother in bitterness, but don't let him force you into the shadows. He blows off your concern, telling you he has a child with her. Understand that our relationship is in the past and our communication is about matters concerning our child and that we have to communicate from time to time. This is going to be an adjustment for everyone involved. Also, don't resent him because you feel that his father is choosing him over you.

Crazy baby mama quotes

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  1. Like I said, it is going to be a big adjustment for everyone involved! In custody cases, courts don't even generally allow one parent to dictate who the other associates with, even when the child is around.

  2. Do not hate me just because I used to date your now boyfriend and I have a child with him.

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