Craigslist in lancaster pa

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And, Love to laugh. I love to make people smile and laugh. I am a fun loving, outspoken kind of girl. I'm a warm and caring person. I'm 27 living alone with my cat working on my bachelors in psychology to be a therapist. I know how it feel to feel alone and just want someone to just talk to and cuddle.

Craigslist in lancaster pa

In my free time I enjoy writing, comedy, astrology and cosplay. I am an existentialist to the last drop: I love to have fun and enjoy everyday. I'm 25 years old and I was born in Liberia but raised in America. In my spare time you can catch me video gaming or doing something family oriented with my son and my parents: Love exploring this city and learning new things everyday. I am easy to get along with and talk too. I'm a graduate student and professional vocalist with interests in sociology, medicine, social work, and so many other things. Budd Lake, Nj Incall: My life's purpose is to create meaningful connections with others. I'm a fabulous giver. I work as a Nurse's aid and study Alternative Medicine. Warm Brazilian girl, studying behavioral economics and enjoying all the beauty NYC has to offer. There have been times in my life where all I wanted to do was cuddle. I love reading everything from mythology to fiction. I enjoy helping people, and sometimes all they really need is just a kind word, hug or a touch to help them feel good and know that someone does care. My studies have emphasized the importance of touch in our lives and I fully believe that we all could do with more platonic cuddling. I am an avid reader, music lover, and artist. Making people smile, and feel relaxed makes me happy. I'm 24, an aries, creative, and filipino. I'd love to be able to provide a safe and warm snuggle to all who need it. I'm a warm and caring person. I enjoy nature and outdoors The water is such a calm place to be enjoying the breeze. I love helping people, it makes me happy to put a smile on other people's faces. I truly enjoy spending time with others. I am here to listen to you talk about your life, watch a movie with you, or simply provide company and relaxation to you!

Craigslist in lancaster pa

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  1. I promise if you are around me you will be smiling before you leave me. I love hiking, camping, rock climbing, and spend most of my time doing art.

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